United Seasports Ltd. was established in 1981 by Gorm Pedersen Scanlon (Manager at World Tourist Travel Bureau Denmark), Rud Christiansen (CBC Marina Copenhagen) and Ted B. Knapp (Manager at Paddans Travel Bureau Sweden) and was the first and only Agent in Europe and Scandinavia for The Moorings USA. We had our own office in Denmark and Sweden as well as Tortola in The British Virgin Islands.

United Seasports sold thousands of charter weeks, but also made an unique Yacht Charter Boat Investment Programme and sold more than 100 Charter Boats during the years of 1988 to 1992 making a turnover of euro 22 million. Charter Boats, bought by Scandinavian Investors based on a 5 year Charter Agreement and a Bank Guaranteed Charter Income. The Charter Boats were based all over the World on Moorings and Sunsail Bases.

In 2002 Gorm P. Scanlon took over the Goodwill and the name of United Seasports and is now CEO for United Seasports Yacht Charters who is the leading Yacht Charter Agent in Scandinavia working with many different professionel Yacht Charter Companies World Wide.

United Seasports has arranged individual sailing holidays for families and School Classes, large flotilla sailings for all major Scandinavian Yachting Magazines and daily Newspapers on which Paul Elvstrøm was Flotilla Leader with Gorm Scanlon in The BVI in 1981. Also arranged Incentives for many leading Scandinavian Enterprises. Yachting Holidays for and sailing with members of The Royal Danish Family in French Polynesia 1986, and arranged many Crewed Charters. Due to wishes from our very loyal and valuable Clients we have decided that we today wish to work with, not only one or two Companies, but with all professionel and reliable Yacht Charter Companies around the World. So we go for the best!